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Kind Words

Kelly Carroll has a true gift of healing. My healing experiences with Kelly included healing of past wounds and improvements in physical well-being. Her rare combination of intuition, spirituality and genuine warmth make a Reiki session with her an incredible experience both in terms of wellness and personal growth.

Claire Warner



Kelly Carroll was a godsend for me at a critical point in my work life. Years ago, I suffered a partial tear in my rotator cuff and went through months of therapy to remedy the problem. All was fine until one spring, just as I was beginning a physically taxing gardening season, the tear reoccurred.  I was financially dependent on the income this employment provided and without medical insurance. I was so debilitated I could not use one of my arms at all – not a happy situation as this made it virtually impossible for me to garden.

Kelly suggested Reiki.  I was a skeptic, but a desperate skeptic. So, I said yes to the treatment. Within a few weeks I was able to use my arm and begin gardening by favoring my injured arm. Within six weeks I was back to my old self.  Each time Kelly practiced Reiki on me I could feel my shoulder responding to her touch. Once a skeptic, now a grateful enthusiast of this centuries old practice. And always grateful to Kelly who is a kind and exceptionally competent practitioner.

Marlene P Schade

Washington CT



Kelly is a compassionate and a powerful Reiki Master who has just the right amount of intuition to help make your session a memorable one. I have known Kelly for many years and her passion for healing has left its mark on many of the people that have gone to see her. In a modality that was once unknown, everyone today seems to be offering Reiki but who you go to makes all the difference.

My personal experience with Kelly leads me to highly recommend her for those who are interested in a true Reiki session.

Shima Chayvet