Intuitive Guidance

& Spiritual Coaching

White Feather


My practice includes a blend of Reiki and Holistic Energy Work – with a unique combination of real-world healing modalities including Native American Shamanism and Crystals.


I am passionate about helping people find serenity and living life in their full potential.

It is my vision to help as many people as possible achieve balance, peace and health.






I am grateful and honored to be part of your journey.


I have been practicing Reiki for over 15 years. I earned my first Reiki Mastership in 2000 with Lynn Carroll, a holistic practitioner who is now working out of Florida. I achieved my second Reiki Mastership in 2017 with Shima Chayvet, Reiki healer and owner of Universal Healing Arts in Cortlandt Manor, New York.


I have also acquired healing techniques learned from Native American Cultures.


Though my professional career began in Executive Sales... I have always been committed to helping people. I have worked and volunteered for human services for as long as I can remember. I have worked in nursing homes as well as a Residence Counselor for dually diagnosed individuals. I offer volunteer work with children of special needs and for hospice.


As I have grown, I have found myself establishing a commitment to my true-self aspirations, interests and life calling. In opening White Feather Energy Healing & Wellness, I now offer help and healing through Spiritual Guidance and Reiki Energy Healing.


I respect all life and the planet. I love being in the woods.


Nature inspires me.


I paint impressionistic landscapes and create art out of natural objects.



    About you



Throughout the past few years – Reiki and spiritual healing have become more and more a part of our daily lives. It is common to have practitioners in hospitals, recommendations by doctors and referrals from a variety of physical and mental health professionals recognizing the importance of this healing as a compliment to traditional therapies.


I do not teach Reiki. I practice it... on people just like yourself.


The focal point of my practice is to deliver energy to your body and improve the flow and balance of your energy to support healing. That healing can be related to things physical, mental or spiritual. Most often, it is a combination of those aspects of your overall health and well-being.


If you have a interest in more information, do contact me.


If you are local, a session usually takes place in my home. I have a dedicated area specifically for my healing sessions. I may simply offer a reiki session. I may introduce crystals or wands to facilitate specific energy vibrations.


I also offer distance healing where reiki is done remotely. The session will entail a phone call to start. To set an intention. Then you would remain quiet and I would do reiki. Then you would get a txt. when complete and a follow up call.



The many benefits of Reiki Therapy are covered in my website. Please remember, Reiki is not an alternative treatment for medical issues but a complementary therapy that may help support healing and increase a feeling of well-being.


For those that are new or unfamiliar with Reiki Therapy, I recommend you give it a try. Whether it is relief from a physical injury or you are searching for a reduction in feelings of emotional pain or anxiety –



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